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W/B 23.3.20


We would like you to read some acrostic poems and then have a go at writing your own based on Robin Hood. Here are three activities to complete in this order please:

1. Read some acrostic poems. There are some attached.

2. Write down facts that you know about Robin Hood.

3. Write an acrostic poem using the template idea. 


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG):

We have provided a powerpoint and worksheet on the website for the children to learn about applying the ‘un’ prefix.

Also, practice reading and spelling the Year One words in your orange book.


Daily Reading:

There is still an expectation that children will read daily and have a signed signature in their diary.  This is a great opportunity to read some good books—we adults certainly will be! 



The Phonics RWI Mat is the same version as the one from Parents' Evening. Your child should be able to tell you the rhymes and sounds for some / most of these sounds, depending on the sounds they have learned so far. Use the Phonics Play website by selecting a game of Buried Treasure / Picnic on Pluto / Dragon's Den (the children know how these games work). Then select Phase 5 and then a sound e.g. 'ay'. Then, words with this sound in will be displayed and the children have to decide if it is a real or nonsense (alien) word e.g. 'play', 'zlay' etc. If you wish, you could use your orange book or another way of recording to write sentences with these words in (e.g. using a computer / ipad, writing it down on a piece of paper or verbally saying sentences). 

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