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W/B 27.4.20

This week, Maths activities are based on using the Maths No Problem website. You should have received an email detailing how to log in. If you have any issues, please contact your child’s teacher on Dojo. In school, we would use practical objects to help us work out the answer (cubes, counters, bears etc). Please feel free to find some objects to use at home too. This could be buttons, pencils, lego pieces etc.


All of the worksheets are attached above and can also be accessed on the MNP site. You can also use the 'textbook' option to go through the lesson before using the sheets. On the MNP site, there are really helpful ‘Parent Guides’ to guide you through using MNP with your child.


Task 1: Lesson 1 – Encourage your child to use the pictures underneath each problem when adding or subtracting (e.g. when taking away, the children have learned to cross out to help them work out the answer).

Task 2: Lesson 2 – This lesson involves using a ‘number bond diagram’ (the children also know this as a ‘whole-part-part model’). Lego bricks or something to stack may be useful here to find out the missing numbers by guessing and then checking.

Task 3: Lesson 3 – This sheet uses a representation called a ‘bar model’ (the cubes underneath each problem) to show the word problem. We have used cubes in this way in school but not yet formally introduced a ‘bar model’. 

Task 4: Lesson 4 – This lesson focuses on using pictures and understanding ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ to know whether to add or subtract.

Task 5: Choose a BBC Bitesize activity, practical activity using suggestions on the website or make up your own word problems with what you can find!

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