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WB 29.6.20

This week, we are continuing to read about Paddington. This week, we are reading 'Paddington at the Palace'. 


English Lessons


Lesson 1

What do you know about Paddington Bear? Write sentences about the character using ‘and’ to join two ideas.

Lesson 2

Read captions from Paddington’s scrapbook and match them to the right photograph.

Lesson 3

Read the next part of ‘Paddington at the Palace’. Make a prediction, what will happen next?

Lesson 4 (SPAG)

Write questions that you have about Year Two or your new teacher.

Lesson 5 (Handwriting)

Practice writing the trigraphs ‘our’ and ‘ear’. Then, write them in the tricky words’ ‘hour’ and ‘here’.


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