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WB 3.6.20

This week's Maths booklet (Word version / PDF Version)

As a school, we are now using booklets to support home and in school learning. We will be completing the same booklet with the children who are coming into school.


Your Maths booklet attached above is for the week. This week, there are 3 days in line with Year One starting back to school on Wednesday. Each day is clearly marked to help you know which lesson needs completing. 


In school, alongside our Maths lessons, we have a daily Maths fluency lesson. This is included in your booklet and contains missing numbers (for example, when counting in 10s), number bonds and a number of the day. This is all familiar to the children but is just presented in a slightly different way. We are sure that they will enjoy spotting the activities we have enjoyed together when learning in the classroom.


This booklet contains objectives that the children need to achieve to be ready for Year Two. Please let us know via Dojo if you have any questions, we are happy to help.

All of these activities and resources are in the booklet attached above




Lesson 1

Count, read and write numbers to 20. Then, complete the dot to dot by counting in multiples of 10. Colour in to see the picture!


Lesson 2

Compare groups of objects and order them from the objects worth the least to the objects worth the most.


Lesson 3

Use your knowledge of counting in 10s by completing the word problems. Then, fill in the missing numbers on the number line and 100 square. Can you find them all?



Mental Maths


Lesson 1

Counting forwards in 10s, number bonds to 20 and number of the day.


Lesson 2

Counting backwards in 10s, number bonds to 10 and number of the day. 


Lesson 3

Counting forwards in 5s, using the pictures to work out missing numbers and number of the day.

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