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W/B 4.5.20

Maths activities are based on using the Maths No Problem website. You should have received an email detailing how to log in. If you have any issues, please contact your child’s teacher on Dojo. 


The Maths tasks are based on Chapter 16 (Workbook 1B) – Time (focusing on analogue clocks). There are lots of practical activities you can do with your child at home alongside the MNP sheets.  All of the worksheets are attached above and can also be accessed on the MNP site. There are also really helpful ‘Parent Guides’ too to guide you through using MNP. You could use an iPad to take a photo of the attached sheets and write in your answers over the top.


If you use this website and when prompted, enter the pin code ‘FH1473’, it will give you access to some games based on time.


Task 1

Lesson 1: Telling time to the hour (sheet attached). Talk about the hour / minute hand and the difference between morning / night e.g. ‘At 8 o’clock in the morning, I have breakfast. At 8 o’clock at night, I go to bed’.

Task 2

Lesson 2: Telling time to the half hour (sheet attached). After talking about the big hand as the minute hand and small hand as the hour hand, it would be useful to look at how both hands change position for ‘half past’. 

Task 3

Lesson 3: Using ‘next’, ‘before’ and ‘after’ (sheet attached). The MNP textbook has some really useful activities to encourage using the vocabulary of ‘next’, ‘before’ and ‘after’. You could make your own timetable to show your day.

Task 4

Lesson 4: Estimating duration of time (sheet attached). It will be really useful to physically act out a second / a minute to understand the difference as well as your own examples to talk about days / weeks e.g. holidays, days of the week. There are examples in the MNP textbook too. 

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