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Meet the staff at our school starting from September 2021.

Headteacher - Mrs D Wilson
Deputy Headteacher - Mrs A Wright
Year 6 Teachers - Miss Z Whetton & Mrs S Beckett
Year 5 Teachers - Mrs C Atkinson & Miss S Cooper
Year 4 Teachers - Mrs A Wright & Mrs K Duncan
Year 3 Teachers - Miss S Hovey, Mrs L Valentine & Mrs K Thompson
Year 2 Teachers - Miss A Arthur, Mrs N Smith & Mrs K West
Year 1 Teachers - Miss M Woodcock & Mrs E Eames
Foundation Teachers - Miss K Stewart & Miss N Hann

Science Teachers - Mrs A Main and Mrs K Eastwood (for Key Stage Two children)

SEN Staff - Mrs C Elsom (SENDCo) and Miss S Atkinson (teaching assistant)

Pastoral and Well-Being Care - Mrs C Hallam

PPA Year 1 and 2 covered by Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Zealand

PPA Foundation covered by Mrs Atkin and Mrs Ford

Teaching Assistants and 1:1's

Mrs R Atkin - Foundation

Mrs C Ford - Foundation

Mrs J Wheeler

Mrs T Zealand
Mrs A Clawson
Mrs R Georgiou

Mrs S Sanderson

Mrs C Ryan

Mrs L Swinfield-Wells

Mrs K Coupland

Mrs C Dunham 1:1
Miss A Crooks 1:1
Mrs L Henry 1:1

Mrs S Mack 1:1

Miss S Sanderson 1:1

Mrs G Somma 1:1

Mrs A Squire 1:1

Mrs M Thorpe 1:1
Mrs S Palmer 1:1

Mr S Bishop 1:1

Mrs T Pell 1:1

Mrs S Beckett 1:1

Mrs C Holloway 1:1

Mrs E Gibson 1:1

Miss T McLarnon 1:1

Mrs E Gaskin 1:1





Midday Supervisor:

Mrs Parker - Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Giglio

Mrs Wragg 

Miss Vickers

Mrs Ward-Jones

Mrs Paul

Mrs Dawson

Mrs Cowlan

Mrs Hanman


Mrs Gillard - relief


Play Coordinators

Mrs Hunt

Mrs Holloway



Kitchen staff

Mrs Synan

Mrs Munton

School Office

Mrs J James

Mrs K Waller

Miss L Churcher

Mrs S Ormesher

Mrs N Wood

Site Manager 

Miss L Clark

Staff responsibilities - September 2020

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