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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

We are now in our final term in Year 2, and we have learned so much over the year! Year 2 is an exciting year for the children and there are lots of fantastic opportunities for them now they are nearing the end of Key Stage 1.

Dates for Diaries:

Tuesday 13th/Wednesday 14th June - 'Griddlybugs' Science Workshops (in school)

Monday 19th June - KS1 Sports Day

Our topics this year are:
Autumn 1 - The Big Smoke
Autumn 2 - Remember Remember
Spring 1 - The Lost World
Spring 2 - Cracking Contraptions
Summer 1 - Country File
Summer 2 - Shipwrecked!

The Year 2 Team
2a Class Teacher - Mrs Brunt
2b Class Teacher - Mrs Duncan
Year 2 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Georgiou
Apprentice Teaching Assistant - Miss Gilliat
We are also very lucky to have the help of Miss Clawson and Miss Mitchell who are training to work in schools.

If you have any problems or questions, please find us at the end of the day, or contact school. We are more than happy to help!

Term 1 - The Big Smoke
It has been 350 years since the Great Fire of London, and the children will be learning about this historic event. We have already made our own Pudding Lane Bakery and used marbling inks to recreate the London Skyline. We will be finding out about Samuel Pepys' diary, and if he did indeed use a secret code. In Design and Technology we will be baking our own bread and as part of this we are going to Tesco to see how the bakery is run. We invite you to attend our class assembly on Friday 14th October at 9:15am to see how much the children have learned this term!

Term 2 - Remember Remember
This term has taken us back to 1605 and the time of the Gunpowder Plot. We have are learning about the plotters, such as Guy Fawkes and Robert Catesby and their plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament!
We started our topic off with a Wow Day where we had our own 'Bonfire Afternoon'. We ate hotdogs, held sparklers and made our own chocolate apples. We had a wonderful afternoon and it was big smiles all round. We used our Bonfire Afternoon experience to write adjectives about fireworks. This then lead to us writing our own Calligrams and creating some Firework Art.

Term 3 - The Lost World
Our classrooms have been transformed and are full of exciting dinosaurs and fossils! This term we will be writing our own information texts about our favourite dinosaur, we will also be writing some rhyming poems based on 'Aliens love Dinopants!' We will become roving reporters when mysterious visitors arrive in our school playground - and it's a bit too close for comfort! In Art we will be creating our own fossils and making pots from clay. In Science we will be learning about living things and we will create a perfect habitat for a dinosaur. Our work this term will culminate in a wow day where we will dress up as dinosaurs and have our very own 'Dinosaur Disco'.

Term 4 - Cracking Contraptions
The cogs are really whirring now that we are half way through Year 2! In our new topic 'Cracking Contraptions' we will be learning about famous inventors through time. In Science, we will be exploring the use of everyday materials and learning about their properties. In DT we will learn about levers, pulleys, wheels and springs so that we can create a moving Easter card! We will take inspiration from Wallace and Gromit in our English lessons, thinking about how inventions might go wrong. We are looking forward to our visit to Magna, especially our workshop all about slime!

Term 5 - Countryfile
Signs of Spring are all around us at the moment so we are taking the opportunity to learn all about plants, animals and life on the farm. In English, all of our learning will be based around the book Charlotte's Web. We are reading the book in class and writing character descriptions of Wilbur, penning our own Fern's Diary and writing an information text all about spiders. In Science we are learning all about plants. We have already planted some seeds and we will be measuring and observing them over the next few weeks. We are hoping to visit Belton House so that we can try to identify lots of different types of flowers. In Art we will make wire sculptures of webs and in DT we are making axles on our very own tractors. In PSHE we will be learning all about how to look after animals.

Term 6 - Shipwrecked
Argggghhhh you ready for our new topic? Jump aboard and get ready for some exciting pirate adventures in Year 2! In English we will be imagining we have been washed up on a desert island to write some incredible stories. We will also learn about famous pirates and write some fact files about them. In Science we will be learning about Healthy Eating, and how we can make our diets a bit healthier than pirates did! In Geography we will be learning about maps and comparing 2 very different countries. We will be making pirate flags in DT, using different fabrics for effects. In PSHCE we will be completing our SRE (sex and relationships education) unit of work.


Great Fire Assembly

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