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Year 3

Welcome to Year Three


Hello and welcome to our class page!

On here you will find information about our exciting topics, pictures of some of things we have been upto and even when we give out homework etc.

If you need anything, or have any questions please do not hesitate to get into contact with us!


The Year Three Team

Class 3a Teacher- Mrs Heslop and Mrs Eastwood
Class 3b Teacher- Miss Whetton
Year 3 Teaching Assistant- Mrs Graves & Mrs Hazel (1:1)

If you have any problems or questions, please do come and find us. We are more than happy to help! We look forward to working with you all.


Monday 22nd May - Egyptian Day

Friday 8th June - School Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We will be giving out homework every Friday. This needs to be completed for the following Thursday. Some of the homework might involve mathletics. If they are unable to do this at home, don’t worry, there will be a special club to help them!
We also encourage you to listen to your children read and help them learn their times tables.

PE Days

3a and 3b – Outside on Friday and inside Tuesdays.

Please make sure your children have their PE ready to participate in PE both inside and outside - this will include trainers and plimsolls.

Term One
Full Steam Ahead

This is an extremely exciting new topic that we are looking forward to sharing with Year Three! The children have already been on a fact hunt and found out about many things, including - George Stephenson and Brunel and different trains including The Flying Scotsman and The Mallard. As we zoom through the term expect to hear more about the age of steam and The Industrial Revolution, how trains have advanced and even a train crash that happened in Sleaford!
Have a look at our topic information page for more information of how we will be working in a cross curricular fashion to really immerse your children into learning!

Term Two

The Pride of Britain

Term two is all about celebrating all things British! We will be teaching children all about different people who have helped make our countries Great. We will learn how important Queen Anne was in uniting England and Scotland before learning about lots of other great Britons who have helped to influence and shape our lives today. In writing will be inspired by Dahl, and learn all about his books. We will even write our own new exciting chapter for The Twits! ?We are also looking forward to celebrating the unsung heroes of Britain as we find out about lots of different jobs and roles in our local community. Have a look at our top information page to find out our key objective for each subject.

Term 3
Stone ‘N Bones

In this topic we are going right back to where it all began – The Stone Age! We will ask questions of the past through our own archaeological dig, discover what is was like to live, understand the importance of hunting and find how man has evolved. We will experience what it was like to scavenge for food, stew food, convey meaning through cave paintings. We will also explore different settlements and discover how time changed and advanced through to the Bronze and Iron Ages.

We are looking forward to design and making our own Stone Age Tools in DT and writing persuasive adverts to encourage consumers to use them. We will also apply for a job as a Stone Age hunter using lots of persuasive techniques.

We are looking forward to hosting a Stone Age Day on Monday 16th January 2016 – please see the parent mail for more details on this and check the website for photos of the day.
We will also be inviting you into Year 3 this term so we can share our fantastic work with you on The Stone Age. We will let you know the date as soon as possible :)

It will be another busy term in Year Three so we appreciate all your support. Please help your child learn their timestables, read their books and also use mathletics. We are really grateful for all you do!

Term 4
Planet Hollywood

Wow, we can’t wait to start this exciting new topic! We will be learning all about the history of film, comparing different movies and exploring some of our favourite shows and actors. Inspired by this, we will be creating our own movies, writing the play script and even making a trailer using i-maker! We will then show these at our Y3 Movie Awards, then write about our experiences in our English lessons!

Important dates for this term:
Thursday 2nd March - World Book Day
Wednesday 15th March – Y3 Movie Awards
Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd March - Parents Evenings
Friday 24th March - Red Nose Day
Monday 27th and Thursday 30th March at 2pm- Y3/Y4 Easter Cantata Performances: 2pm
We are also trying to arrange a trip to The Kinema in the Woods – look out for more details!

Term 5
Walk like an Egyptian!

We hope you had a great Easter and are excited by us about Term Five! We can’t believe we have now reached the summer terms! During this term, we will be walking like an Egyptian and finding out all about this exciting time in history!
We will find out about lots of exciting things including the pyramids, mummification and Egyptian Gods. In English we will explore Rivers and write explanation texts, then learn all about report writing, writing the newspaper article for the discovery of Tutankhamun!
We are also looking forward to deepening our understanding of fractions in maths as we continue our journey and find out that Maths really is No Problem!!
Keep checking back for photos and more information about this wonderful term!

Term 6
Hakuna Mutata!

Wow year three has zoomed by and we can’t believe that it is already term six! This term really will be ‘no worries’!
During the term we will be finding out all about Africa and focusing particularly on Kenya. As well as finding out all about the beautiful landscapes and physical features of the country, we will link this to our human rights and fairtrade and find out more about the people who live there.
In English we will be exploring poetry and writing our own whilst maths also continues to be no problem as we learn about money. This will also help us with consolidating our fabulous work with addition and subtraction.
This term will also be super sporty as we will be involved in sports day, the mini Olympics and the school sponsored run. Keep your fingers crossed that the sun keeps shining!


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