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Year 4

Hello and Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page!


We are really lucky this year to be having 4 terrific teachers working with us...

Mrs Smith

Mrs Wheatley

Mrs Elsom

Mrs Eastwood

We also have some fantastic support staff that will be helping us along our learning journey...

Mrs Bolton - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Taylor - 1:1 Support

Mrs Hazel - 1:1 Support

Miss Gilliatt - Apprentice Teaching Assistant


Important Information:


- In Year 4 our PE days this term will be Monday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor).


Please ensure your child has their full PE kit in school for these days. Trainers for outdoor PE and plimsoles for indoor.


Please encourage your child to read regularly at home and sign their reading diary. 


It is also ESSENTIAL that your child is practising their

times-tables. They are required to know all their tables from

2-12 by the end of Year 4. 







Term 5 - Harry Potter Part 2


This term we are excited to be continuing with our Harry Potter topic. We are starting the term by visiting the Harry Potter studio tour! In our English this term, we are writing our very own Harry Potter stories. We are thinking about our own problems that Harry, Ron and Hermione could encounter. In other subjects, we are looking at the Maurauder's Map and OS grid references and how to create our own field sketches. We are also looking at Pointillism in Art, and creating our own Hogwarts's shields. After learning about how a green screen is used on our trip, we will be using our own green screen to create a Harry Potter adventure. 


In Maths this term, we are revisiting long division, and learning about decimals and money.  We will be continuing to follow Maths No Problem and look at a range of different challenges within this. We are currently focusing on decimals. We have been looking at patterns, ordering them, placing them on a number line and counting forwards and backwards in tenths and hundredths. 



On Monday 7th May, Newt Scamander from the Ministry of Magic sent Year 4 a dragon's egg to care for whilst its mother had been trying to find it (Hungarian Horntail mothers are known to eat their eggs). We were set the task of keeping it warm, safe and well protected. 


When we arrived back after the Bank Holiday weekend we were faced with a trashed classroom and dragon footprints burnt into the carpet leading outside. We knew that a dragon had been in our school looking for its egg!


Stay tuned to find out what happened...

Term 4 - HARRY POTTER (Part 1)


This term we are super excited to be starting our Harry Potter topic. The children are really excited as we have begun to watch the first film and have read two chapters of the book already! 


We have ensured that all of our lessons are linked across the curriculum to this topic. 


We have begun to learn how to play Hegrid's Theme on the keyboards and will be continuing to look at the use of an Orchestra to create music scores for films. 


In art our focus will be drawing people in motion. This is a particularly tricky skill and we will be taking it step-by-step to ensure that we understand how to create 'movement' within drawings using Edgar Degas' work as inspiration. 



Year 4 Photo Gallery

Term 3 - Chocolate


We have had an amazing half term learning all about chocolate!! 


Our trip to The York Chocolate Story was fantastic and e learnt so much about the 'Chocolate Families' of York. We were involved in an inter-active story of the process of making chocolate. (see the photos below)


We made our own chocolate lollipops and decorated them with some delicious toppings! The best part was...we got to eat lots of chocolate!!! 


We also took part in a Mayan workshop, where we learnt about the Mayan discovery and use of the cocoa bean. We made our own Mayan chocolate drink - which was cold and had chilli in it! It was really disgusting!!!!! 


We learnt a lot about Fairtrade this term and designed and created our own Fairtrade cotton bags. We worked hard to develop our sewing skills, even Miss Gilliatt learnt a lot! We also focused on the skill of weaving and used a weaving frame to create a pattern. 





We set the most fantastic homework challenge for the children this term based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We challenged the children to design, advertise and produce a new sweet for Mr Willy Wonka's factory.


The ideas that the children came up with were amazing and the fact that we got to eat so many different delicious chocolates made the marking even more fun for the teachers! 






Chocolate Story Trip - Yesterday we had a great time at York. We're sure you've heard all about it!

PE - Street Dance with Rachel from Arts NK

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